Tomball, Texas

Galveston State Park, Hwy 146, La Porte, Baytown, Dayton, Hwy 321, Cleveland, Hwy 105, Cut and Shoot, Conroe, Hwy 75, New Waverly, Cagle Recreation Area, Huntsville, Huntsville State Park, WG Jones State Park,

The first snow I have seen in four years was on Galveston Island. We seem to have brought the cold weather with us. Went to down town Houston today at the VA Hospital. I love VA but Houston is like so many other cities, a place I want to avoid. Skirted Houston up to Sam Houston National Forest. Stayed at a the Cagle Rec. Area, that is on Lake Conroe. Weather got better and we got our bikes going again. Nice walking trails here with the tall pine forest.

Spent the day bike riding and kicking back at Huntsville State Park. Then spent a morning at WG Jones State Park. Not much parking and the bike ride was a little boring. We are now spending the week at Tomball, TX. Looking forward to exploring Tomball, enjoyed it when we were here a few years ago.  Of course, with Walmart, Lowes and Whataburger what is not to like! Oh yeah, the traffic sucks!!



Sea Rim State Park, Texas

Grand Isle, Breaux Bridge, Welsh, Intercostals Park, Holly Beach, Gulf Beach Hi Way, Port Arthur, Sabine Pass,  Sea Rim State Park, TX

We are starting to understand what it means when they say you can’t go back! Had an uneventful stay at Grand Isle again and got our Shrimp Po-Boy fix. And we are on our way west. Got to Breaux Bridge, LA where we use to spend over nights in a School yard in the past. But they have closed it to overnight parking since the last time we were there. If you park at the Wal-Mart you can easily ride your bike the mile or two to the center of town. It’s a great experience.

Then we arrived for a few days in Welsh, LA at their City Park. Full hook ups on grass pads, $15 a night, pay at the city hall. Not much to see but have a good place just as you come off the hwy to eat, Cajun Tales Seafood. Got to watch thousands of Snow Geese headed south.

Next stop was Intercostals Park nice place to set and watch the Tugs go buy. Elect and Water $12. Traveled around the Gulf Beach Hwy past Holly Beach, not much room on the beach for a rig as big as ours. Went on over the Sabine Pass and stayed a few days at Sea Rim State Park, $20 plus $3 entry fee without a Texas Pass. They have a great boardwalk, which includes an alligator. Good place to ride the bikes, but other than that there isn’t much to do so we headed to Galveston Beach. Cross Galveston Bay from the Bolivar Peninsula on the Ferry to Galveston.

Back on the Bayou

Alton, MO, Couch School, Myrtle, Dalton, AR, Pocahontas, Walnut Ridge, Sedgwick, Jonesboro, Harrisburg, Cherry Valley, Wynne, Forrest City, Marianna, West Helena, Vicksburg, MS, Natchez Trace Pkwy, Rocky Springs Campground, Natchez Bluff and Information Center, Baton Rouge, Satsuma Oranges, Middendorf’s, Bonnet Carre Spillway

After crossing into Arkansas on Hwy 93 we moved onto Pocahontas, Jonesboro and took Hwy 49 south to avoid Memphis and wound up the night at West Helena Arkansas. It was a long six hour day for us but we have been setting all summer in Missouri and wanted to find warm weather before we slowed down. On the next day we crossed the Mississippi river on Hwy 49 Bridge into Mississippi. Then Hwy 61 south to Vicksburg Mississippi and onto Hwy 27 and onto the Natchez Trace Pkwy to Rocky Springs to Boon Dock for Thanksgiving.

Lois made a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner for us and we spent a half a day getting lost in the woods there. Rocky Springs is a small road side rest stop with a few pull outs for free camping. Had a great day of hiking in the Mississippi woods near Vicksburg. The Natchez Trace is really our way of traveling, slow pace and lots of pullouts.

Natchez water front is a real site for people that like old buildings and a great view of the River from the Natchez Bluff Area. And we had great BBQ at Pig Outs. Spent the night at the information center.

Made our way back though Baton Rouge, the roughest streets in America! And over to Hwy 55 to feast on Middendorf’s Thin Fried Cat Fish. Then found some friends at the Bonnet Carre Spillway. Plan to be at Grand Isle State Park the first of the week to visit friends.

So far this trip has been just like we like, slow and peaceful. Love to travel the roads less traveled and meet people we would never have met. Met Paul (a self proclaimed full blooded Cajun) at Bonnet Carre, he and his family are so fun! Playing music and living the high life.

We are leaving Missouri!!!

Round Springs, Allie Springs, Rivers Edge Inn, Hartshorn, Eminence,  Elk Capital of Missouri, Salem Lutheran Church, Wild Horses, Rocky Falls Shut-ins, Pick Ranch, fire tower

Have had a great time at Missouri’s newest park, Echo Bluff. Cold weather has hastened our stay here but it has been a great fall season for us. While we have lived in this state all our lives, we have not seen places around Eminence. The Rocky Falls Shut-ins is great and the Allie Springs Mill is Awesome also. Both places are just an afternoon but worth the ride. Being here so late this year gave me a change to test our rigs winter tolerances. I must say the rig did much better than I did. I would have to recommend that if your coming here in a large rig you need to go to EBSP as base camp. All the places we have been to here are with in a hours drive and the drives are as beautiful as the places them selves. And EBSP is totally reserve able and has full hook ups. All roads in the park are paved and brand new. If your into resorts the Lodges has the look of a Fine Hotel. We are getting out of here early and on our way to Louisiana, I plan to be making more post over the next month. Safe Travels

October 2017

And we are still in Missouri! Have done our time at Lake of the Ozarks State Park and are now at Echo Bluff State Park in Southern Missouri. I’m not sure if it is Southern enough for the weather but we are going to try to last this month before heading to Texas again. In an ever searching mode to find new trails, we have traveled to Echo Bluff from Lake of the Ozarks on Hwy 42, C, A, 133, 17, 106, D, 19 and into Echo Bluff State Park, what a ride!

Echo Bluff at first site looks like a resort on the Current River near Round Springs. We have found Wi-Fi and Cell to be great. The camp sites are all concrete pads and brand new. They say there are wild horses roaming here but we have not seen them yet. It is beautiful, lots of trees around the campground, but being new (only been open less than 2 years) there are no trees in the campground. Somehow it just adds to the beauty of the area.  Full hook-up sites, great trails, and lots of history.

Leaves are falling and I’m getting Hitch Itch!


Katy Trail, Turkey Festival, Vista Grande, Wobbly Boots, Luckys 

We have traded in our Fat Tire Bikes for a pair of sleek and light weight road bikes. It is amazing what fourteen more gears and half the weight can do for your ability to peddle up hills. But I still have an issue chasing the young woman I married!

It has been great to visit our home Church of over twenty years and see the people we worshiped with during our lives living here at Lake Ozark. Church is much bigger now days and like the town, lots of new faces.

Lake Ozark State Park has lots of fun people to work with and it has been a fun time to be here with them this summer. We opted to stay on an extra month here and the “Hitch Itch” is affecting both of us. Looking forward to getting on the road again. Leaves are falling and I have been bragging that I haven’t seen Snow in over four years. I hope I can still say that by the time we get out of Missouri this year.

Lois has been able to see alot of her family that she hasn’t seen in ages, including a nephew that is in the Army who just came home from Germany with his wife and kids, a new great-nephew, a whole slew of nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters. I think she had a really good time visiting with her mother who is celebrating her 92nd or 93rd birthday, can’t remember which of course once you pass 90 there isn’t much difference, so the mother-in-law says.

The weather is so great here we sit out most evenings with fire in the fire pit. Nice breeze blowing, good woman cooking and a cold Stag, what more could a man want!

Lake Ozark State Park 2017

Vista Grande, Randy’s Frozen Custard, No Mosquitoes, Lakeview Bend Trail, Hidden Springs Trail

Found our way to Lake of the Ozarks State Park and find it to be another nice place to host. And since this area is where we have lived for over thirty years, we have a chance to visit the old haunts. Back in the ’80s when we first came to Lake Ozarks, it was a small town with the small town atmosphere. But today Lake Ozarks still is a small town next to the big City of Osage Beach and trying to catch up. In the ’80s we loved a hand full of restaurants where we would know at least half the patrons. But today we have all the restaurants we used to have to go to St. Louis or Kansas City to find. And you can travel around all day and not see anyone you know. Big money here now and lots of people. A Golf Mecca and the boats are ridiculous! One of very few lakes in the country that you can still buy land right on the water. A boom town for most but a ghost town for us!
Lake Ozark State Park has a lot to offer. First thing I noticed is no Mosquitoes. Flies are limited also, a flyswatter can easily take care of the one or two you find on your patio. Lots of very tame Deer around the camp ground. Basically no Internet, no over the air TV. Very hilly here for old bikers, but we have found that we like to travel the trails on foot. There is also Horse Back Riding and Kayak rentals right out side the camp ground entrance. Electric campsites right on the edge of the Lake.If you didn’t make it to the exact location of the Total Eclipse! We tried but as in so many attempts we have tried to film or photo amazing places and events we have been blessed to see, this is one of the most Amazing events in our lives. Only two minutes but it was worth all the trouble to make it to the exact location to see it. I have now seen a total eclipse of the moon when on the high plains of Kansas and now in central Missouri the total eclipse of the sun.

Swan Lake NWR

HWY 63, Country Wedding, Avenue of the Saints, Great River Road, HWY 79, Old Spaghetti Factory, Edds Bridge

We are finding out we don’t like Missouri so much in the summer. Not that its not a beautiful place but it is hotter than hell. Don’t mind a little warm weather but day after day keeps us inside and we don’t get as much activity. While at Swan Lake we attended the Park Managers Daughters Wedding. What a neat experience for us, our first Catholic Mass and Wedding. And a really great pig roast and reception on the family farm. Most everything was geared to the kids, Sand Volley Ball, egg hunt with cash prizes, Horse Drawn Wagon ride, Air Tunnel and Tether ball and a host of other things I’m sure I missed. It was a real treat for us City Slickers.
We have taken a two month opportunity at Lake Ozark State Park for Aug. and Sept. We are thinking it will be fun to be back in the old neighborhood again for a while. Lois is excited to visit some old friends she hasn’t seen since leaving the lake and catching up on the local gossip.

Photo Bucket!

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Swan Lake NWR 2017

HWY 100, HWY 19, HWY 8, HWY 54, HWY 94,

Swan Lake has not changed over the winter, but this year we are here earlier than in the past to get medical issues taken care of and being close to the Momma. In the past we have been here by ourselves but this year we find we are here with another couple, Sarah and Joe.

After traveling around the country coming back to Missouri gives me a better appreciation of Missouri from when I spent my whole life here. I love traveling the old roads, and finding some of the less popular land marks and old buildings. If your interested in Missouri try HWY 100 from Linn to Washington, East or West. Also HWY 19 North or South. HWY 8 again East or West. There is HWY 94 along the Katy Trail East or West. And then my all time favorite to get out of town is HWY 54. There are more than I can mention and many more I have never been on.

We got a pellet BBQ pit and learning what all the fuss is with Smokers. We have a Master BBQer next to us and we plan on him showing us the ins and outs of using a pellet Smoker. So let the BBQ Sauce flow!  P.S. so far we LOVE it, Lois especially likes it cause I have to do all the cooking….little does she know that it is just putting the meat on the grill! We have smoked a couple of pork steaks and filets, came out mouth-watering.

Lois says that being back to Chillicothe is almost like coming home. Getting back to the church and all the great folks there is a real blessing. They do have a different pastor who is very good. We enjoy the services as well as all the wonderful people. Of course there is Wal-Mart, or as Lois says “Disney for Adults”, can’t say I agree with her. My idea of “Disney for Adults” is either Lowe’s or Home Depot, oh well different strokes for different folks.