Fox Valley Lake Fishing Spot, Missouri

40°30’10.55″N 91°46’3.49″W

Off the beaten trail but paved most of the way in. Camp sites are on a slope but most can be managed and you can set on top of the berm. For as much land as is avaliable here you would think they could have planned a half dozen sites on a flatter area. But there is a fresh water spicket on the road coming in. A small town is just a few miles away, Kahoa people seem friendly enough.

Danville Conservation Area 

Small place in the trees, has a pit toilet and a half dozen short back in sites. And one nice large site right next to the toilet. Has fire rings, but the shade is what we came for.  38°52’15.00″N 91°30’35.97″W

Leavenworth State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area

I dont have any photos of this location but it is very tight to get into the road in is windy. If you’re an old Banker and have more rig than your comfortable driving you might not want to come into this area. There is nothing special about the place we only stayed for a couple day and thought it was nice.

39° 7’31.25″N 95° 9’17.59″W

Daniel Boone Conservaion Area

Daniel Boone Conservation Area is in the hills to the north of the Missouri River north of Hermon, it’s dusty but they know what Chat is! If you come into this area from the south I would advised to take off your Toad, as there are two very steep climbs into the park. But if you come in from the north, from Jonesburg there is more gravel road but less incline. The Park is very nice with no one here during the week and there is free dump and water at the Hermon City Park. 38°46’18.88″N 91°24’18.00″W

Im not sure what is worse my flying or my editing but the film will give you and idea of the campground.

Whetstone Creek Conservation Area

Dusty Road IN! If it has not rained for awhile it super dusty on the way in but the campsite is at the end of the road. I guess the park has not learned about Chat or its too expensive. But other than that the park has great fishing lakes with two lane tracks to walk around the area. During the week we had the place to ourselves and only one rig over the weekend. A touristy country store at the enterance to the park with Gas. 38°58’1.14″N 91°43’53.21″W

Home for the Holidays

US 36 West, Chillicothe MO, St Joseph MO, US Hwy 59, Ottawa State Fishing Lake KS,

Picked up Lois’ Kitten and heading west to the Ottawa State Fishing Lake WMA to spend the Holiday Weekend. 39° 6’32.24″N 97°34’22.45″W

My Backyard

Beam me up Scotty, I didn’t belive this day would ever get here.

But here we are on the road again. Thank the Lord. Made it back to Brookfield, MO. To get our new Kitten spayed. And then onto The High Plains of Kansas, headed west for the fall. Our first afternoon setting by the Lake at Brookfield, MO.

Didnt get much done today mostly decompressing from the Summer and taking deep breaths.

I am back from the Dead!

Long story short I was told last July that I would not make it thru the summer. So Lois and I have been hunkering down and getting Lois ready to be a Solo Traveling Widow. I have a story to tell about being a Traveling Vet, Dealing with Doctors that are scared to death of Covid, in system and out of system VA Health Care and Statin Drugs. And I started to lay out my tale here but have desided to move on with what life I have been blessed with and spend Qualtiy Time with Lois and our traveling life style. If you find us around a campfire somewhere around this Country I use to be so proud to be a part of, I may be able to pass on some information that might help your adventures with Doctors and the System. And as a Nurse once told me “How things Work around here”. But other wise I am going to get back next month to commenting on where we are with pictures and a few lines about places we park. I hope you enjoy and will comment publicly or by email.

Picture of the Day

Hico, TX. Camp – 32° 5’29.08″N 98° 6’17.31″W

Picture of the Day

Marble Falls City Park Camp 30°34’5.35″N 98°16’44.20″W