Hill Country

Cranes Mill Park

29°53’26.12″N 98°17’37.83″W

After crossing west over I-35 and following the river Road up the Guadalupe River valley from near New Braunfels to Sattler. We made our way up the south side of Canyon Lake to the Cranes Mill Park. This section of the Guadalupe Valley is very interesting with lots of winding narrow roads and a ton of RV parks.

Cranes Mill Park is very nice, small area with blacktop pads. Showers and trash very convenient and shower are warm and have tile floors and wall with ceiling heaters! If the lake level gets much lower, we may be able to once again see the Cranes Mill Ghost Town that is near this point on the lake.

We found this park to be a great location to explore the San Antonio Downtown and the town of Boerne Texas. Only issue we found odd is we can’t get back in after 9PM, have to park and walk in. Luckly its downhill! We have decided it may be the time of year, but these kinds of parks remind us of old folks’ homes. Only difference it the apartments are on wheels.

Potters Creek Park

29°54’14.86″N 98°15’54.88″W

From this side of the Canyon Lake, we visited Fredericksburg, Johnson City, Stonewall, Wimberley, Blanco and San Marcos. In Fredericksburg, we spent a day walking the walk of shops, got our steps in and did a lot of food tasting. We also discovered Blanco to be a small town with rich history and old western buildings. Wimberley was our big surprise as it has a lot of shops on the same order as Fredericksburg but in a much smaller area. We also visited the Jacobs Well Natural Area. Small area but very scenic and some history to the spring is very interesting, if you catch the MrBallen Storys on Watch! The Blue Hole Regional Park also near Wimberley is very scenic as well. Both of these areas are on the same creek. We also discovered Canyon Park on the north side of the lake. The park boosts of seven miles of trails and if you like rocky, rough terrain with lots of scrubby trees this is the trail for you. We did a couple miles of this and found it to be very interesting. San Marcos has its version of the river walk downtown near the San Marcos River and the Purgatory Creek. Nice trails and swim areas.

Hill Country makes finding your way around very easy with their signage.

As far as these two parks I find the Cranes Mill Park to be more Scenic and Host are more accommodating. Showers have more pressure and hotter water at the Potters Creek Park, but the area offers no shade or wind breaks at all. I also found the dump to be hander at Cranes Mill Park. But while neither park is a destination park either one is good to leave your rig while visiting other locations.


Bennett Park, Texas

28°47’48.59″N 96°42’15.13″W

This find is an old picnic area or campground. No facilities and mostly seems used by fishermen. Lots of room here for tent camping. The site is on a bend in the Garcitas Creek. Ground is very sandy and there are also huge water oaks, some elms and hackberries. The old oaks are very interesting to photograph but I found it to be a stressor to park my rig under them.

Park doesn’t seem to be patrolled very often, we were here five nights and did see a State Trooper one afternoon! Lots of fishermen and boaters. We made ourselves busy picking up trash, eight thirty-gallon bags! Even though we have gotten bored with hosting parks we still like using our pickers and policing up the area. And in doing so the Locals have noticed and been very friendly. We met Dennis and Sandra and Mr. Sammy among other very accommodating people. Looked at the weather and decided high winds tomorrow was the final stressor, the tree we have been parked by for the last week! So we bugged out back to Victoria.

Victoria Texas

28°48’55.18″N 97° 0’31.79″W

We made a beeline to get here the night before the big freeze, the first time in years that I have been on the road more than an hour after dark! Ain’t that a sad statement to admit too? But to my surprise with my young codriver helping me, the trip was pretty uneventful, and we made it here ahead of the big Christmas Blow. We were very lucky to arrive to find one of the last spots available with Electric, Water, Sewer and a Town full of trees to our north to help agents the winds.

We managed to survive the Cold Spell and the nighttime temps are back in the 60’s this week so we are going to try some of our winter boondocking spots.

Safe Travels and Happy New Year…..

Yegua Creek COE

30°18’25.97″N 96°32’39.79″W

Thought we would ride out the big Christmas Cold Front here as we had electricity, and water! First night in this park we found an untold number of Deer roaming the campground. Place looks like a very nice park; most sites seem well thought out and showers where good until they cut off the water for the weekend freeze. Along with the water being turned off, the fact we were expecting forty mile an hour wind and we were setting on a lake facing to the north! We chickened out at the last minute and headed south to a safe harbor we knew would be better, Victoria Texas. Keep warm and have a Merry Christmas

Rocky Creek COE

30°17’56.53″N 96°33’51.28″W

Leaving the Pine County behind and out in the Central Texas Plans. Looks like the oil companies here have about drained the lake, so if you’re a bank fisherman better bring waders! Looks like we are trading Oil for Water and blaming the drouth on Climate Change!

We have found this park has lots of wildlife and best of all birds. As we like to do pictures of Birds. Showers are clean and warm. Sites are generally thought out and mostly level. If you like the Spanish Moss, they have it here in abundance. There are lots of trails and abandon loops with lots of overgrown brush to explore. From my research the Spanish Moss likes to live on bald cypress and southern live oak and these trees are in abundance here.

Tomball and Spring Texas

30° 5’54.30″N 95°36’54.75″W and 30° 4’44.09″N 95°25’15.85″W

These are two old town restorations that are fun for Junk Shopping and Trolling at night. Both are on the north side of the Houston area. We found the Tejas Chocolate + Barbecue 30° 5’56.43″N 95°36’52.99″W Highly recommended! We also tried the Cisco’s Salsa Company 30° 5’52.86″N 95°36’57.51″W. Margarita and noisy place inside and out.

We have been in this area for two long weeks and have had enough of the City Life! We are headed back out of town and happy to regain or sanity.

Spring Creek Park

30° 6’2.51″N 95°39’10.96″W

Been coming here for several years now and always look forward to a week of the city life! The park has been a life saver giving us a safe place to park the rig while we have taken care of some health appointments we have here in Houston. I must mention the park Manager, Efron and the Reservation Supervisor, Allison for working with us on a snafu with our planning dates and were very gracious offering to work with us and making our stay wonderful. It has been several years since we took advantage of what this park offers but things have changed around here for the better in the last couple years. A large team of park staff on the go around here all the time and the Shower House is the best. I don’t remember a campground with a shower house that I had to turn down the hot water, but they have it here. The park also has several trails and wooded areas that are free of people usually found in urban areas. Play grounds and a ton of day use areas for families.

The older I get and the longer we spend time in country parks and remote areas the more I hate having to deal with traffic and the people that make up the traffic in city’s.

Sandy Creek COE

30°49’36.57″N 94° 9’29.91″W

Sandy Creek has the appetence of being more crowed, as there are twice as many sites as did Magnolia Ridge and then those sites are stuck in group sections rather than being spread over the length of the lake. Two of the three shower houses that I visited where in need of repair and warmer water would be a pulse. This park is also on the Steinhagen Reservoir next to the Dam on the South East side of the lake. Looks like deeper water and more of a view of the lake where Magnolia only has a view of the Swamp.

We spent a rainy weekend here before heading off to Houston.

Magnolia Ridge COE

30°52’31.82″N 94°14’1.33″W

Not a very big park in regard to number of sites, but its clean and most sites have nice lay out. Some more remote than others to your neighbors. Talk of Alligators here but it too cold for them this week. Magnolia Ridge Park is located on the northwest side of B.A. Steinhagen Lake, between the towns of Woodville and Jasper, Texas. Both towns are close and have a Hospital and Walmart. This park has a ton of walking trails, forest roads and paved park roads to explore.

We set on site#8 for two days then went to site #33 for seven days. 33 has better shower and view of the lake, but site#8 has no neighbors.

We took a day trip to the little town of Colmesneil, TX to try out the ever famous “Burgerhouse restaurant”. Its old time country folks with good Burgers.

Mill Creek COE

31° 9’17.48″N 94° 0’15.32″W

Having some wonderful weather, until the cold front came in so we hunkered down here for a week. Nice sites, nice Lake, nice camp host. This site is on Sam Rayburn Lake, told there is an Alligator here but we have not found him.

We find the Piney Woods of East Texas to be pretty neat after a lifetime of living in Missouri. For the most part the forest floor can be walked bear foot.