Arizona Hwy 95 BLM

AZ 95, Butterfield Stage Trail, Yuma Proving Grounds, Castle Dome Mountains, King Road,

Having spent several days at the BLM at the VFW Post north of Yuma, who ever coined the phrase ” Trains, Planes and Automobiles ” was right on about the place. In ten days of being there we watch the Marine Air Station lunching C130 type airplanes and fighter jets every morning. Trains all day long, no horns but the rig shakes! Motorized parachutes fly over every afternoon. And almost every night the local Crop Duster does low passes over the fields just West of our location some times up until midnight!

We started moving north. Crossed the Gila River and the Butterfield Stage Trail, and out into the Yuma Proving Grounds. Following the Castle Dome Mountains north on Hwy 95. Found the King Road BLM.  33°15’4.28″N 114°13’17.84″ For sure much different than VFW we just left. Got here on a Wednesday and just a few other campers. Road is fine until you get past our location, the washes get deeper and sharper. The Kofa National Forest entrance is just another mile up the road from us. The Teddy Bear Cholla are abundant here and I don’t know if there is a season for dropping their little balls of joy! But here we see each plant has dozens of little balls laying around their bases. I’m guessing that is how they spread new off-spring. 

Took a hike up to a pass just north of us and found a very neat environment of deep washes and deep cuts in the land scape. Mountains are awesome when you’re up close to them.  After four miles we just about did ourselves in. 


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  1. Do those little balls flatten tires?

    Merry Christmas guys. This week I spread the Holiday Cheer with Clients than I am gone to Baltimore. We will likely do Gettingsburg, Anapolis & hoping to get into the Smithsonian in DC for a day.
    Nathans house & dog setting for me.
    Have a Blessed Holiday and be safe 🙂


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