Wickenburg Arizona

AZ 60, Hwy71, Congress, Ghost Town RD, Yarnell, Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial, Hwy 89, Hwy93, Joshua Trees, Wickenburg, Pouquette Tank, Vulture Peak Trail, Vulture Gold Mine, Belmont Mountains,

AZ Land Trust 33.911974,-112.812331 This seems to be our coolest find so far, at 2660 feet, it has the look and feel of being in the mountains. Its not on my research maps but it does have a Trust sign at the entrance, it’s very rough going in, but only a couple hundred yards. Two Coyotes came through our camp early on the first morning, first real wild life we have seen in over a month in Arizona, other than the Christmas morning “Three Wise Burros”.

There is a Tank here, AKA watering hole for cattle, and there are cattle here. There is also a lot of “Teddy Bear” cactus, they look soft but are so painful. So beware if you go out for a hike. Being less than 5 miles from town it still feels like you are out on your own in the middle of the desert.

This morning we woke up to 5 hot air balloons flying overhead. Of course we got about a hundred pictures, don’t know why but just kept clicking. They were awesome just riding the breeze. Yesterday we went walking in a dry creek bed and found an awesome canyon area. Think the walking in the creek bed is easier than walking in the midst of the “teddy bears”. So, between the canyon and the balloons, we give this place a “GREAT” rating.


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