Crystal Falls, Michigan 2021

Paint River Hills Campground and Cabins, Crystal Fresh Market & Ace Hardware, Slivensky Hardware and Lumber, Logans’ Place, Fumee Falls, Horserace Rapids, Reany Falls, scott falls, Miners Falls, Munising falls, Ogemaw Fall, Canon falls, Bond Falls, Eight foot falls, Eighteen foot falls, Long slide falls,

We have found the Campground to be an interesting site setting on a bluff between the Paint River and the Town of Crystal Falls. I guess being from Missouri, I find the Pine Forest and rock bluffs to be very interesting here. Tent Camping, some with Electric and Water just inside the woods along the bluff over looking the river makes for a magical atmosphere. Dark with Liken and green Moss clinging to trees and rocks, and pine needles blanketing forest floor. We have found the town to be very friendly and our dealings with the Grocery Store and Hardware Store have been excellent. Logans’ Place has fast food and “Amaretto Mackinac Island Fudge” Ice Cream! Amazing!!

As for the UP, we have found it not to be as exciting as we had expected. Woods are very interesting for about a month. Then reality sets in and you realize everything that is of interest is a two or three hour drive away. The coast of Lake Superior is very nice, could spend a few weeks traveling along it. But seems once inland there is only woods and lakes. Woods are thick and lush and lakes are devoid of birds of any kind. A few Crows or Ravens, Blue Jays but not really any song birds to speak of. We found a few opportunity’s to photograph Sand Hill Cranes! ORV and Snow Mobiles are popular and there are hundreds of miles of gravel trails for them. Paved bike trails are few and far between. All in all we met and made friends with some wonderful people from the campground and the town of Crystal Falls.

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