Hill Country

Cranes Mill Park

29°53’26.12″N 98°17’37.83″W

After crossing west over I-35 and following the river Road up the Guadalupe River valley from near New Braunfels to Sattler. We made our way up the south side of Canyon Lake to the Cranes Mill Park. This section of the Guadalupe Valley is very interesting with lots of winding narrow roads and a ton of RV parks.

Cranes Mill Park is very nice, small area with blacktop pads. Showers and trash very convenient and shower are warm and have tile floors and wall with ceiling heaters! If the lake level gets much lower, we may be able to once again see the Cranes Mill Ghost Town that is near this point on the lake.

We found this park to be a great location to explore the San Antonio Downtown and the town of Boerne Texas. Only issue we found odd is we can’t get back in after 9PM, have to park and walk in. Luckly its downhill! We have decided it may be the time of year, but these kinds of parks remind us of old folks’ homes. Only difference it the apartments are on wheels.

Potters Creek Park

29°54’14.86″N 98°15’54.88″W

From this side of the Canyon Lake, we visited Fredericksburg, Johnson City, Stonewall, Wimberley, Blanco and San Marcos. In Fredericksburg, we spent a day walking the walk of shops, got our steps in and did a lot of food tasting. We also discovered Blanco to be a small town with rich history and old western buildings. Wimberley was our big surprise as it has a lot of shops on the same order as Fredericksburg but in a much smaller area. We also visited the Jacobs Well Natural Area. Small area but very scenic and some history to the spring is very interesting, if you catch the MrBallen Storys on Watch! The Blue Hole Regional Park also near Wimberley is very scenic as well. Both of these areas are on the same creek. We also discovered Canyon Park on the north side of the lake. The park boosts of seven miles of trails and if you like rocky, rough terrain with lots of scrubby trees this is the trail for you. We did a couple miles of this and found it to be very interesting. San Marcos has its version of the river walk downtown near the San Marcos River and the Purgatory Creek. Nice trails and swim areas.

Hill Country makes finding your way around very easy with their signage.

As far as these two parks I find the Cranes Mill Park to be more Scenic and Host are more accommodating. Showers have more pressure and hotter water at the Potters Creek Park, but the area offers no shade or wind breaks at all. I also found the dump to be hander at Cranes Mill Park. But while neither park is a destination park either one is good to leave your rig while visiting other locations.


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