About Lois and George

Halfway between Conventional Living and the Old Folks Home! Lois and I are from the late 1940′s era,  “Baby  Boomers”. We have never been blessed with Children and since finding each other in 1972 have spent our lives spoiling each other. Lois was raised in Muskogee, Ok. and I was raised in St Louis, Mo. We lived in St Louis together for twelve years before moving to Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. We are planning to retire and move into an old motor home and see the USA before we are too old to do it on our own.



  1. Gertie Habelhocker

    Baby Boomers are from 1946 to 1964. So, you are in the first of the Baby Boomers, not the last.


  2. Good for you guys. If you get east I got a driveway you can use. I’m also a boomer(47).


  3. i read your site periodically. The little sail boat is something I always wanted to try.


  4. Your Escapees post about Seminole Canyon SP got my attention. My wife and I spent February between Del Rio and Study Butte, TX. Beautiful country.

    We’re about the same age – mid to late 1940’s – and like you we decided to travel the USA while we still can. We went full-time 2 years ago. Currently we’re in NE PA (Pocono Mts.) until Labor Day.

    Safe travels. Maybe our paths will cross.


  5. Hey you guys,It’s me john Seeley from echo bluff last may. When u left three days later I told Johnny I was ready to hook up and leave my nerves were so bad trying to work with the 2 that replaced you. They were a nightmere trying to work with. So Johnny split the park into and we did half and they had there half to take care of. Sorry I have not been in touch but you both will always be with me in spirit. Send me an e-mail to unclejohnrsbj@gmail.com and I’ll give you my phone #. Today went to storage and got camper, going to Pensacola on Tuesday morning for 3 mo. My mom is not good she broke her back in april and fell in the bathroom the night we got home from Merimack State Park and broke her hip. So we are really worried about her. So much to talk about but look forward to hearing from you. Be SAFE……. John


  6. Great to hear from you again, we will have to cross paths again.


  7. Jonathan Egusquiz

    GREAT hosts! i first met George and Lois early in the morning as they were, what looked to be like, picking up small trash in the campground. we introduced ourselves and I confirmed my permit ive been coming to this park, Dupuis Campground, for abour 4 years and they are the best so far. THANK YOU Lois and George!

    Kind regards,
    Jon Egu


  8. Gosh, Lois and George! Yes a couple ‘o AWESOME (hee hee-sorry, private joke) camp hosts…because they are!! We sure enjoyed your company and hosting skills at Lake of the Ozarks campground, in 2017 (I think), and again at Kickapoo Caverns in TX (2018 – I think)! With all the craziness going on in our world today, we hope you have safe travels! Haven’t “found” the sailboat video yet, but love the beach arrival, and bike ride. The cemetery looked cool… we enjoy cemeteries as well. Hoping to run into you again on one of our future endeavors! You are alway welcome at our place…yes, moved. Stay happy and healthy ‘till we meet again!!🦇☀️💐😘


  9. Thanks for visiting us at Overland Photo Supply! Safe travels!!


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