Everything is Bigger in Texas

Ok thanks to Mr. Franks comments I am going to try to put together more comments and try to keep things going as have been and hope to improve my style so I dont put you all to sleep.

We have made our way back to Brownsville, Texas for a couple months of hosting at the Resaca de la Palma State Park. This place is promoted as a Bird Sanctuary. We like it here because it’s pretty laid back as far as work and the host sites are buried in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of the area. Anytime we get down this way we like to spend a few days at Magnolia Beach. It’s a great place to boondock and if you find the beach to be too crowded for your taste move on east a little ways to the Indianola Beach. We always have a great time there and if we want to dump or tanks an take on water we head into Victoria City Park. Full hook ups is $12 or you can use their dump station for $2 and head back to the beach.

Boondocking last year around Brownsville, TX we only were able to spend a few day at Port Mansfield. But this year the word is the town closed it. I find not to much to offer in the area. We have parked for the day at the Convention Center on South Padre, spent the day exploring around and crossed the bay at night and stayed at the Walmart at Port Isabel. I generally promote the idea of parking where I want to and simply keep an eye on my surroundings as far as a safe area. Over the years I find I don’t trust an area where all the homes have walls or fences around them. Unfortunately most of the Reo Grand Valley is like this.

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  1. I for one, enjoy you writing about your adventures. The pictures are nice but if that is all there is, then it is not so interesting. Also, owning a Class A, I enjoy reading about the places you boondock and mark them down for future places to visit. Please keep writing.


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