Brownsville Texas 2022

Well we have been at Brownsville for several months last year and just one month this year. I have read where lots of Winter Texans are avoiding Brownsville because of crime. I’m sure it is there but we didn’t witness it. I find the area to be undesirable for me because simply finding local homes of all classes being fenced and gated. We also moved in February to stay on the west side of McAllen and find the same type of fencing. To me the whole valley seems poor and most homes have way to many cars setting it the front yard, as can be easily witnessed when trying to navigate traffic.

As for the valley itself I find it pretty stark! I was raised in Missouri along the Mississippi River and know a flood plan when I see it. This place is flat and has very few trees of any size. For the most part is Ebony, Mesquite, Spanish Live Oak, I think that means tiny oak! When it rains here the grown is clay and sticky. City’s here have brought in Palm Trees to give the roads a tropical look. I believe the Sable Palm is indigenes to the area along with Spanish Daggers’ and other assorted large leaf palms. And don’t forget the Catechus. What we might call the forest or woods back home here they call it the Thicket and it is easy to see why. Only Javelin’s can make it through the stuff. Most everything in nature here will Sick you, Scratch you or Poke you. And don’t forget the Coral Snakes, Western Diamondback, the Cottonmouth and Copperhead.

The Thicket

We have had a good time in the Lower Rio Grand Valley and as soon as the weather warms up a little we plan to head west for a couple months.

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